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Tenant studies

We have already created over 500 tenant studies and supervised numerous tenant improvement projects. That is why we know that tenant studies with in-depth analyses of the user requirements and the legal, structural and technical fundamentals are the basis for successful projects. The objective of a tenant study is to prepare the technical and planning basis for the potential conclusion of a leasing contract.

We guide the entire process – from the first discussions about the requirements and preferences to the creation of documents for the draft of the leasing contract.

In addition to providing support as consultants, the focus of this process is on the tenant occupancy planning, which is developed in close cooperation with the client and also through direct communication with the tenant if requested.

For complex tenant studies, we use realistic visualisations to inspire the potential tenant.

As part of the tenant studies, the clients receive the essential documents needed to conclude the leasing contract:

  • Tenant study summary
  • Occupancy planning
  • Cost estimate with our own tools developed in-house
  • Rough schedule with an illustration of the planning and construction processes

Catalogues of measures and tenant construction descriptions, if applicable

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