c2 Berlin moves into new rented space

At the end of November, the time had finally come! Our head office moved into a new rental space at Bundesallee 205 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf (QuBA – Quartier Bundesallee). With the support of Projektlabor GmbH for design and materials and Raumhaus GmbH for parts of the furnishings and inspired by the other ECG locations, a wonderful overall concept has been created!
After many, many years of sharing a flat with our partner company GKK Ingenieurgesellschaft für Hochbau mbH, c2 Berlin is coming to the end of many years together in the same rental space. At the same time, a new chapter begins, because with now 35 employees in Berlin alone, our old rental space no longer offered any growth potential and therefore few opportunities to implement New Work. At the new location, we are now not only planning new office worlds, but also living them!
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our landlord Berlin Income One GmbH!

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